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Lucid Needs Your Help Sparking Optimism!

Hello World,

It is a strange time for you right now. The ‘normal’ day to day routines of individuals have been flipped upside down almost overnight. Schools are shut down, restaurants are closed, and millions of people are either working from home or temporarily unemployed. To make matters worse the stock market is crashing with no speedy recovery in sight. All caused by an invisible killer - COVID-19.

It is an unprecedented moment in human history.

But just like every other tumultuous time recorded, we will come out of it stronger and more tenacious than before.

ONLY if we don’t let it drag us down!

To our fellow friends and family - Lucid need’s your help!

With the vast majority of Americans quarantined at home, news/media consumption has skyrocketed. Most of it, unfortunately, is negative. Focusing on the current global turmoil only brings us down.

We need some optimism folks!!

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to stay updated with current affairs, and unfortunately, our present state gives reason for worry. But things will get better. Especially if we remain positive in the face of adversity.

So, myself, Shaffer and a newfound friend from the windy city (Payson) hatched an idea. What if we help inject some positive content into the social channels we all rely on to stay connected right now?

Our goal is to record remote video interviews with leaders, creatives and friends. The intention is to have candid conversations and talk about positive stories from their past, present, and/or future experiences and visions. In order to do this though, we need your help.

We have two asks:

1. If you or someone you know would be interested in being interviewed, we would love to set that up.

2. If you have any specific topics you’d like to hear us talk about please let us know

Feel free to email, call/text, or comment on this post with your thoughts.

The world needs optimism right now. Help us be a part of sharing that sentiment.

Lucid Loves You!

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