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What is the Power of Ten and How Do We Harness it?

Have you ever been looking at an object off in the distance and tried to point it out to a friend? They search and search but just can't seem to find what it is you are seeing.

You start to think to yourself, "how can you not see that!? Are you blind!?"

As you begin to orally explain the object in your visual path, your friend changes their gaze and finally notices what was so clearly obvious to you.

It turns out they weren't blind, they just needed to reframe their reference points.

We've all been on both sides of this scenario. More often than not though, what you are trying to point out isn't always a physical object. It may be a concept or a statement. This can be even more infuriating. With no tangible items to align each other's frames of references, it can be difficult to accurately make your point.

While it may be a somewhat maddening experience, if you are able to put yourself in the other person's shoes then you can begin to better direct them towards a given outlook. Once you begin to realize all the possible lenses one can view the world from, you infinitely increase the possible solutions to a given problem.

The below video will help to better explain the abundance of multiple viewpoints in the universe.

This short documentary depicts the known universe in factors of ten. It starts out with a man picnicking in a park near downtown Chicago. Every ten seconds it expands ten frames further out until we are at the outer edges of the universe. Next, it returns back to the man in the park and begins to magnify the sleeping picnicker's hand at ten times magnification every ten seconds.

This example shows just how many ways you can look at a given situation. Whether you start far away, close up, upside down, or behind, there are numerous amounts of angles that can be taken when looking at different scenarios.

On a day to day basis though, the majority of people never shift their frames. We go about our lives assuming that the set of lenses we use to depict the world are correct and therefore never question them. Inherently there is nothing wrong with this. It allows us to make sense of things while also making each of us unique.

When it comes to marketing/advertising though, having the ability to shift your frame of reference is an important key to creating work that captivates your customers, viewers, or audiences.

You can't think like a business owner, product developer, or even a videographer/photographer. You must reframe your view and see the world through the intended audience's sight.

The knowledge of the power of ten allows us to understand all the possible ways a given problem can be viewed and solved. Whether it's a video about a company or a catchy advertising slogan, learning to empathize with the end-user drastically increases our imagination and problem-solving skills and it can do the same for you!

-Lucid Loves You

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